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Welcome to DrDavidGreene.org, your gateway to the intersection of healthcare, entrepreneurship, and digital innovation. Explore the visionary leadership of Dr. David Greene, a pioneer in revolutionizing patient acquisition strategies through cutting-edge healthcare marketing. Discover how his expertise and commitment to excellence are reshaping the landscape of healthcare entrepreneurship, empowering practitioners to thrive in.

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DrDavidGreene.org is designed for healthcare professionals, entrepreneurs, digital marketers, and individuals interested in the dynamic intersection of healthcare and innovation. Whether you are seeking insights into patient acquisition strategies, exploring the realm of healthcare entrepreneurship, or looking to enhance your knowledge of healthcare marketing, this platform offers valuable resources and expertise tailored to meet your needs

Dr. David Greene

Dr. David Greene, a visionary leader.

Dr. David Greene is a trailblazer at the forefront of healthcare, entrepreneurship, and digital innovation. With a distinguished background in orthopedic surgery and a passion for revolutionizing patient acquisition strategies, Dr. Greene’s visionary leadership has transformed the landscape of healthcare marketing. Through his entrepreneurial ventures and commitment to excellence, he continues to empower practitioners and individuals alike to navigate the digital age with clarity, authenticity, and measurable results.

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Dr. David Greene, MD, MBA, stands as a prominent figure in healthcare internet marketing, entrepreneurship, and regenerative medicine. With over a decade of experience, Dr. Greene has been instrumental in helping numerous healthcare practices and entities acquire patients through innovative digital strategies. As the founder of R3 Stem Cell, a leading regenerative cell therapy company established in 2012, he has impacted the lives of thousands by providing safe and effective nonoperative therapies both in the US and internationally. Dr. Greene’s extensive medical training in orthopedic surgery has equipped him with profound medical knowledge that he seamlessly integrates into his entrepreneurial ventures, reshaping patient care and community impact.”

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